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Traditional Handsewn Kilts and Accessories

The Beret Tam

The Beret Tam is considered to be a bit more casual than a Balmoral. 

Made from 100% wool, these tams are available in a wide range of colours and feature a knitted headband, either plain or diced. Unstructured, they also lack the lining, reinforcement, ribbons, and cockade of a Balmoral.

One size fits most.

All Beret Tams are made in Scotland.


All prices are in Canadian funds.

NOTE: Black and Navy Diced Beret Tams come standard with a "triced" headband of red/white/navy and a red toorie (as pictured above).

Beret Tam


$85.00 CAD

Beret Tam


$85.00 CAD