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Traditional Handsewn Kilts and Accessories

The Day Wear Dirk

The Scottish or Highland Dirk (Scottish Gaelic: Biodag) is the ceremonial sidearm of the officers of Highland regiments.

The traditional dirk developed in the 18th Century, when it became a popular item of military equipment. The blades measure approximately 12 inches in length and are single-edged with decorative file work known as jimping along back edge of the blade. 

The dirk normally hangs by a leather strap known as a "frog" from a dirk belt. This is a 2-inch wide leather belt with a buckle worn around the waist with a kilt. Today these are more commonly referred to as 'kilt belts'. 

The Day Wear Dirk features a carbon or Damascus steel blade, a full antler handle, and a leather sheath available in Brown or Black.

All dirks crafted in the United Kingdom. All prices in Canadian funds.

Carbon Steel Blade $250.00 CAD

Damascus Steel Blade $300.00 CAD