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Traditional Handsewn Kilts and Accessories

The Dress (Evening Wear) Sgian Dubh

The Dress Sgian Dubh is an essential for well put together evening wear. 

The Dress Sgian Dubh is suitable for evening occasions and feature a stainless steel blade, pewter fittings with a celtic motif, a celtic knotwork moulded handle, and a pommel topped with either a pip, coloured crystal, or Saltire top. Most are available in Antique or Chrome finish.

All Sgian Dubh are made in the United Kingdom. All prices in Canadian funds.

To view specifically Irish-themed Dress Sgian Dubh, click here.

$90.00 CAD

Safety Sgian Dubh

The Safety Sgian Dubh is a fine alternative to the more conventional bladed variety, especially in situations where a weapon would not be allowed. It is all suitable for children or others who cannot be trusted with a sharp blade.

Crafted in the United Kingdom. All prices in Canadian funds.

$65.00 CAD